Update to booking system 7th Feb 2021

Please note from Monday 8th February 2021 that here will be an amendment to the booking process.

When the initial restrictions were introduced these were applied against each course and not across the system. Meaning the two x 9 hole courses (The Bree) and (The Heggarty) were permitting members to book 3 advanced bookings on each course instead of 3 advanced bookings across the two nines. We had identified this prior to implementing it and requested that the membership work with us by simply booking (7 day members) no more than 3 and (5 day members) no more than 2 advanced bookings in a 7 day rolling week.

Whilst the majority of members have adhered to the rules and the spirit of how it is intended and we thank you for your support but a few members continue to try and bend the rules, whilst this is being monitored and are being dealt with, it is best for the system to manage the restrictions.

We have been working with ClubV1 over the past week and they have applied an enhancement to our booking system which means the restrictions can be managed automatically and not manually, hopefully this will remove any confusion that the membership have experienced, this will also make our transition back to 18 holes a much more seamless operation when we eventually get there.

With this new add on, from Monday 8th February 19:15pm for booking for Monday 15th February. Instead of selecting The Bree or The Heggarty course, the only option available for you to book will be Cathkin Braes18-hole course.

From there you will select between two starting points either the 1st tee (which is The Bree nine) or the 10th Hole (which is The Heggarty nine)

Please bear in mind you will still be playing The Bree and The Heggarty courses as per the existing layouts, #1 and #10 are merely for the system to recognise what course you are playing.

Please Note: All bookings will be moved from the two 9 hole courses to the new set up, which will be completed by the professional team.

Please follow the steps below on how to book your tee time:

You can then complete your booking for "The Bree" Course

You can then complete your booking for "The Heggarty" course.

NB, As an additional reminder by booking the 1st as your starting point you are booking "The Bree Nine" and by booking the 10th hole as your starting point you are booking "The Heggarty Nine"

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