Coronavirus update 11th June

I hope all the membership are staying safe and enjoying the return to golf that we have been presented with as part of the First Ministers Route Map for Scotland through and out of the current crisis. This route map provides an indication of the order in which the current restrictions will be lifted. Cathkin Braes has carefully aligned its own route map to comply with the government restrictions.

With Phase I of the route map implemented on 29 May, golf courses in Scotland re-opened under a set of controlled conditions. Here at Cathkin Braes there has been an unprecedented demand for golf from the membership and I am acutely aware that some of our membership are unhappy with the inability to get times at our course. In an effort to ease the congestion and help us play golf we (The Committee) have already introduced the following:

u00b7 reduced the time spacing between tee offs to seven minutes from ten

u00b7 increased the playing hours at each end of the day

u00b7 moved the BRS booking slot to 19.15

u00b7 allowed three balls across two households. At this stage, this cannot be extended further as the current Lockdown restrictions, put in place by the First Minister, prevent the mixing of more than two households until Phase 2 is implemented.

The above have meant that Cathkin Braes Golf Club has had more tee times available to members than any other golf club in the area.

Whilst I believe these changes have all undoubtedly helped, and based on the First Minister's address today regarding possible entry to Phase 2 of the Route Map from 18th June, we are preparing for the possibility of being allowed to have 3 or 4-ball golf by going back 8 minute tee intervals from 19th June. If the First Minister confirms on Thursday 18th June that 3 and 4-balls are allowed,then the BRS booking system will be amended on the Thursday afternoon to allow members to add all players names to their booking.

I am also pleased to announce that the Practice Facility will re-open on Monday 15 June with booking opening on Friday 12th June BY TELEPHONING THE PRO SHOP ON 0141 634 0650.

In order to comply with the current Lockdown restrictions, put in place by the First Minister,certain controlled conditions require to be followed by the membership when using the facility. These are:

u00b7 fourzones will be available to members. Left hand side (Z1), centre (Z2), right hand side (Z3) and short game area (Z4)

u00b7 bookings to access the zones should be made via the pro shop (to allow track &trace)

u00b7 one player per zone, except Z2, where two players can practice (one at either side).Please be respectful to other golfers when collecting golf balls

u00b7 professional coaching will take priority over membership practice, so a maximum of number of three members will be allowed on the facility when coaching is taking place

u00b7 it is suggested that golfers mark their golf balls for identification purposes

u00b7 maximum of one-hour slots, Single booking per day

u00b7 practice facility will be open in line with pro shop hours

u00b7 divot buckets will not be available. Green staff will fill in divots every other day,or as required

u00b7 in the short term, members are requested not to use the facility whenthey have a tee time booked for that day. This will provide members who cannot book a time an opportunity to hit some balls in a controlled area.

Please note that the practice net remains closed at this time.

We are slowly but surely moving towards pre-Lockdown conditions and I acknowledge there is still much to do, such as the re-introduction of walk on times, visitors and clubhouse & locker re-opening, but I am confident we are on the right path.

There will be times, like now, when the membership feels that progress is slow. Sometimes that will be outwith our control. However, I can assure you that the Committee and I are doing everything in our power to help you, the membership, to play golf in a safe and controlled environment.

Please stay safe everyone and I look forward to seeing you on the golf course. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback,please contact me or the Club Manager, Bill Bain.


Ronnie Grant, Captain.

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