5th Green Update

Dear Member/fellow Golfer.

We hope you are staying safe and we know that you will be eager to get out on the course but until this is possible, we thought we would bring the course to you. We will be posting updates on the course, so you can see the hard work we are putting in.

Update on the 5th Green.

The drainage lines and putting surface is improving day by day.

Why did we do the work?

The drainage lines and putting surface is improving day by day.

We had to install drains as they were no drainage in the green at all, we purely relied on natural drainage which in this current climate it was not sufficient as we were recording over 2 metres of rain annually. It was highlighted last August during the club championship when we were experiencing torrential down pours, the green began flooding especially to the right hand side. With it being one of the smallest greens on the course compaction was another factor.

This would give the following benefits:

  • Adequate drainage to cope with our ever increasing rainfall
  • This will have a reduction in compaction,
  • Encourage the finer grass species to produce a smoother and sustainable surface
  • Less susceptible to disease outbreaks.

What did we do?


  • 14 lateral drains totalling 98m
  • 1 main drain totalling 30m
  • 112m of 100mm twin-wall piping
  • 12 ton of 20mm gravel
  • 5 ton of washed grit
  • 20 ton of USGA root zone mix
  • Firmed and turfed to level followed by two top dressings of sand to help improve smoothness

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