It’s always essential to look after the bunkers on the course for the players playing behind you! Following these simple steps should allow out bunkers to be kept in the best condition.

  1. Find the best entry and exit point
    Locate the lowest spot around the edge of the bunker that is convenient to your ball try not to walk down a steep face possibly damaging the turf edge, and leaving deeper footprints.
  2. Enter the bunker with the rake
    Carry the rake into the bunker if needed. Contrary to what some golfers believe, it is within the rules and can speed up play, be sure you do not allow the rake to touch or test the sand except when you drop it.
  3. Play your shot
    Before playing the shot the rake should be dropped behind the area where you take your stance and not used to align the shot.
  4. Smooth over the sand as you back out of the bunker
    Begin raking over the signs of play, pull the tines of the rake towards you, but be careful not to pull too much sand backwards. Make sure that you rake the sand towards the middle of the bunker and don’t rake towards the edges. Restore the surface without displacing too much sand. If you are pulling too much sand towards you push the tines away from you a few times. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT.
  5. Exit the bunker and complete raking
    Step out of the bunker and make a final few passes. Replace the rake in the bunker.
  6. Admire your work
    When finished the sand surface should be even with no signs of divots or footprints and no excess sand having been pulled towards the bunker edge. There might be small furrows left by the tines of the rake.

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